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Support For Mobile Devices

We are pleased to announce that the entire TroopWebHost application can now be displayed in a format suitable for smart phones and other mobile devices.

The next time you access your TroopWebHost site, the system will automatically detect the size of your screen and display the site in the appropriate format.

You will notice that the log on box is no longer displayed in the upper left corner of the page, in either the desktop or mobile formats.

Instead, you will see three links in the upper left corner:

Click Log On to display the log on box, as shown at right.

The log on box works the same as before, but it now only appears when you need it.

The Format link opens a box where you can override the page format that was automatically selected for you.

On snart phones, you may want to try different page width settings to find the one that works best for you.

The page layout for mobile devices is narrower, so that the page can be viewed without scrolling horizontally.

Tap the icon in the upper left corner to view the menu.  Tap it again to make the menu disappear.

The menu for mobile devices is vertical, as shown at right.

Tap on an upper level menu item to reveal its submenu.

When you find the item you want, tap on it to open the page.

On a mobile device, pages that display lists of data in a grid format will display all of the information for each record in a single column, as shown at left.

Command buttons will appear in the bottom of each cell.

You may find that the site works better when holding the phone in landscape mode.

The email message composition page shown above now recognizes formatting commands and retains line breaks when operated from a mobile device.

Photo Gallery On Mobile Device

Swipe left on a mobile phone to display the next photo in the photo gallery.  Swipe right to see the previous photo.

Drag And Drop Photos

The multiple photo upload page now allows you to drag and drop photos from your desktop.

You can view thumbnail images of the photos you have selected, or use the control in the upper right corner to switch back to a list of file names.

Take Attendance For My Patrol

Troops may now authorize patrol leaders to take attendance for their patrol.

While this function also works in the desktop format, we expect this will see a lot of use on smart phones.

See the User Guide for details on authorizing this new function.

Bookmark This Site

A new menu item will help you bookmark your site.

Due to changes in the way the site is displayed, your browser's built-in functions that would normally do this will not be effective.  Please follow the directions on this page to create the bookmark.

If you have any questions or suggestions about TroopWebHost, please contact us at

When you do, please include your troop number and city in your message so we'll know exactly who you are.

Thank you for your support!

John Corning