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E-Mail Upgrades

All E-Mail sent from your site is now being delivered using Amazon Web Services Simple Email Service ("SES").  This improves the reliability of e-mail delivery, while giving us access to a powerful set of management tools.

New E-Mail Settings

The default value for the BCC option has been removed, since the BCC option is no longer necessary.  We no longer include a list of recipients on any e-mails, making all messages "BCC".

You can now control whether messages include a REPLY ALL link.  If this is enabled, all messages will include a link to the Reply All page on your website.

You can also control the name that is displayed for the FROM address on all messages.  If you do not wish to have the sender's name preceded by the name of your group, disable this option.

Links Added To Your Message

The signature line at the end of your message now includes a link to the home page of your group's site.

A Reply All link will be included in all messages if you selected the option for your troop in the E-Mail Settings page, as described above.

The Unsubscribe link now takes you to a confirmation page, as shown below.

Unsubscribe Confirmation Page

The Unsubscribe link no longer immediately adds you to the unsubscribe list.  Instead, it takes you to a new Unsubscribe Confirmation page.

Your e-mail address won't be blocked until you click the "Unsubscribe" button on this page.

E-Mail Invitations

Invitations are no longer sent as attachments to e-mails.  Instead, they are embedded in the e-mail, which will make them more compatible with e-mail clients like Outlook.

This should enable the "Accept" and "Decline" links in those clients, as shown in the Outlook example above.

There is also a link to the calendar page for this event added to the top of the body of the e-mail message.  For those recipients whose e-mail client does not let them directly accept the invitation, this will allow them to easily go to your site to sign up.

Send E-Mail To Any Type Of Group

We've consolidated all of the ways of sending a message to a pre-defined group of members on one page, which you can access from the E-Mail menu.

This allows you to send a message to any member of an e-mail group, a dynamic subgroup, a patrol, a venturing crew, or the participants or undecideds on any upcoming event that allows sign-up.

To reduce confusion, we've removed the E-Mail Groups page from most user menus, unless they were authorized to maintain e-mail groups.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at CustomerSupport@TroopWebHost.com.

When you do, please include your troop number and city in your message so we'll know exactly who you are.

Thank you for your support!

John Corning