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February 2017 Enhancements

Personal Subaccounts

Personal subaccounts allow you to create multiple balances for each scout.  You can use this feature to:

We created a "Main" subaccount for each troop.  This represents a scout's personal funds that are available for any type of expenditure.

You can create new subaccounts by going to Site Configuration → Money → Personal Subaccounts and clicking Add a New Item.

Add Personal Subaccount

Subaccounts can be "primary" or "reserve".  The funds in primary subaccounts are considered to be available for routine campouts.  Reserve subaccounts are targeted for major activities, like Philmont or summer camp.

Here are some examples of subaccounts that we created in the TroopWebHost demo site:

List Personal Subaccounts

When you enter a transaction that affects a person's account, you'll now be prompted for a subaccount.

In the example shown below, the deposit is being set aside for Philmont.

Enter transaction with subaccount

Similarly, when you charge a person's account, you can charge it to a specific subaccount.

When a member views their account from the My Stuff menu, they can see a breakdown of their balances by subaccount.  They can also see which subaccount each transaction affected.

See my subaccount balances

Similarly, your treasurer can see each person's primary balance and reserve balance from the Individual Accounts page.

See my subaccount balances

When they View Details they can see the balance of each subaccount for that individual.

If you've authorized your Treasurer and Event Planner user roles for the "View Participant Individual Balances on Event", they can view each person's current balance on the calendar detail page, as shown below.

This will usually be the person's primary balance.

See my subaccount balances

However, you can link some events to a reserve subaccount, so that you see the selected subaccount balance when you view participant balances.

See my subaccount balances

If you are using multiple subaccounts, the Account Balances Report will contain an additional section that shows the personal balances in each subaccount.

Please contact if there are other places you would like to see subaccount information.

Frequently Asked Questions (That We Expect) About Subaccounts

Should I create a separate subaccount for each year, like "Summer Camp 2017", "Summer Camp 2018", etc.?

No!  You only need one "Summer Camp" subaccount to handle all of your future summer camps.  If you choose to use subaccounts, you should only need a small number of them - no more than four or five - to handle every possible situation.

Should I create a separate subaccount for every single campout?

No!  Now that you can set aside money for large future obligations, like summer camp, the scout's primary balance tells you with certainty whether they have sufficient funds to go on the next campout.  Trying to link every payment to every campout is going to create a lot of extra, unnecessary work for your Treasurer.  We do NOT recommend doing this.

Do I have to use this new feature?

No!  If you don't want to use subaccounts, simply don't create any additional subaccounts.  The system will automatically select the "Main" subaccount for every new transactions.  The system will continue to work just like it did berfore.

Transition to 2016 Rank Requirements

Scouts who started a rank under the pre-2016 requirements but did not complete it by December 31, 2016, must switch to the new requirements for that rank.

We make this easy with a new function that transfers all of a scout's completed requirements under the old version to the corresponding requirements with the new rank.

You'll find this function at Advancement → Maintain Advancement → Transition to 2016 Requirements.

Please review the spreadsheet showing how requirements will be transferred.  There are a few cases where the requirement has become more difficult where we transfer it anyway.  You may want to consider whether the scout has actually earned these requirements under the new definition.

Transition to 2016 Rank Requirements

Upload TroopMaster Individual History With One File

Some of our troops are finding it difficult to generate the Individual History Report from TroopMaster in a way that includes all scouts in both the "new rules" version and the "old rules" version.

Since there should no longer be any scouts actively working on the pre-2016 rank requirements anymore, we've created a version of the upload program that only requires the version that uses the 2016 requirements.

Upload Individual History With One File

Press the Switch to One File Version button to go to this new upload function.

Upload Individual History With One File

The limitations of the One File upload are:

The process for creating and processing the files is the same as for the original two file upload, except that you will only upload the one file that was created using the 2016 requirements.

Cub Scouts Upload Adult Leaders From PackMaster™

Cub Scout packs may now upload membership information from the PackMaster™ "Adults" export file.

This new function is available from Membership → Upload Members → Upload Adults From TroopMaster.

Upload Adult Leaders From PackMaster


The Participant List With BSA ID report now has all of the information most commonly needed for summer camp registration.

Participant List With BSA ID

Merit Badge Counselors By Name lists all of your merit badge counselors.

Merit Badge Counselors By Name

Merit Badge Counselors By Badge shows who is available for each merit badge.

Merit Badge Counselors By Badge

Scout Parent Cross Reference With Contact Info includes the parents' contact information.

Scout Parent Cross Reference With Contact Info

Parent Scout Cross Reference shows you the scouts who belong to each parent.

Parent Scout Cross Reference

Send Us Your Questions and Suggestions

Please send your questions and suggestions to us at  We appreciate your input, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

When you write to us, please include your unit number and city so we can help you more effectively.