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March 2017 Enhancements

Electronic Permission Form

Parents may now officially give permission for their scouts to attend an event using a new on-line Electronic Permission Form.

This feature is turned off by default, but can be enabled through your event types, as shown in the User Guide.

Once this is enabled, parents will see a Give Permission button when they go to any of the sign up pages, as shown below.

Parents can give permission on-line

This will take them to a page where they can authorize their scout to attend this event.

Parents can give permission on-line

Once permission has been given, your troop's leaders will be able to see this information when they view the Scouts Attending This Event from the calendar.

Parents can give permission on-line

This allows the leader to view the permission and print out a copy of the completed form.

Please see the User Guide to learn how to configure this feature for your troop.

Unit Can Absorb PayPal Fee

TroopWebHost allows your unit to accept on-line payments from members using our PayPal™ interface.  This interface, which does not require the member to have a PayPal account, allows parents and scouts to deposit money to their accounts by charging their credit card or debit card.

Since PayPal charges a transaction fee for every such payment, the amount received by your unit is always less than the amount paid by the member.

Up until now, the only choice was to have the PayPal fee deducted from the amount of the deposit credited to the member, so that, for example, if a parent made an on-line payment of $100 and the PayPal fee was $3.20, then $96.80 would be deposited to the scout's account.

We now offer a second option, whereby your unit can choose to absorb the PayPal fee.  With this option, if a parent makes an on-line payment of $100, then exactly $100 will be credited to the scout's account, and the unit will incur an expense of $3.20 for the PayPal fee.

This new option can be configured from the PayPal Configuration page, as shown below.

Troop can absorb PayPal fee

Parents Transfer Money Between Accounts

Families with more than one scout in the troop, or with adults who are also actively involved, may end up with balances in more than one account.

Parents can now transfer money between these accounts using a new button available on the My Scouts page, as shown below.

Upload Adult Leaders From PackMaster

This will take the parent to a page where they can enter a monetary transaction to transfer money from one family member's account to another.

Upload Adult Leaders From PackMaster

This page is locked down so that the user can only select members of his family to be charged and credited.

Personal Subaccounts - New Features

The E-Mail Account Balances function now shows the balances for each personal subaccount, if the recipient has had activity in more than one subaccount.

Upload Account Balances From TroopLedger™ now allows you to specify the subaccount to which each balance applies.  If the subaccount is not specified, the balance will be applied to the default subaccount.

New Reports and Widgets!

A new widget is available, Number Of Scouts At Each Rank, which can be added to your Home page or any other custom page.

Widget to show number of scouts at each rank

The Merit Badges In Progress By Scout report lists all merit badges each scout is currently working on.

Merit Badges In Progress By Scout

The Merit Badges In Progress By Badge report shows each badge that any of your scouts are working on, and lists those scouts.

Merit Badges In Progress By Badge

The Electronic Permissions report is available from the calendar detail page.  It includes the event details and permission form text on the first page, followed by a list of the scouts who were given permission in this manner.

Merit Badges In Progress By Badge

Merit Badges In Progress By Badge

Send Us Your Questions and Suggestions

Please send your questions and suggestions to us at  We appreciate your input, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

When you write to us, please include your unit number and city so we can help you more effectively.