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January 2018 Enhancements

Transfer Scout Information To / From Other TWH Units

Do you have a new batch of Webelos crossing over to your troop?

Is one of your scouts moving to another troop?

If the other unit also uses TroopWebHost, you can move their information electronically using our new Transfer Scouts function.

It's a simple, two-step process:

When you import a scout's data from a Cub Scout pack, it will:

If the parent already exists in your database, it will update any blank fields in the parent's record with information from the pack's database.

When you import a scout's data from another crew or troop, it will do all of the above, plus:

When you transfer a Cub Scout from one pack to another, it will copy all of their achievements in the Adventures and Badges section.

The new Transfer Scouts function is available for packs, troops, and crews under the Membership menu.

The Pending Transfers In section lists all of the scouts who are ready to be imported to your system.  Press the Select button to begin the process - it will only take a few seconds.

Click Authorize Transfer To Another Unit to select the scout and the unit to which he is going.  That unit will then see this scout on their Pending Transfers In grid.

Click View Transfer History to see all of the the scouts who you've transferred in or out of your unit.

Send Us Your Questions and Suggestions

Please send your questions and suggestions to us at  We appreciate your input, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

When you write to us, please include your unit number and city so we can help you more effectively.