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February 2019 Enhancements


Post surveys to your site and let your members vote their preferences!  This is a great way to poll your unit on questions like:

To create a survey, please go to Home → Maintain Surveys and click Add a New Item.

There are three types of survey questions:

Every survey has a cut-off date.  Members will not be allowed to respond to a survey after that date.

Surveys can be limited to the members of a dynamic subgroup.  This can be used to target just members of Order of the Arrow, or adult leaders, or older scouts.

Members can respond to a survey by going to My Stuff → Surveys.

The first grid shows all of the active survey questions, with the ones the current user hasn't yet voted on sorted to the top.  The second grid shows past survey questions and allows the user to view the final results.

Click the Vote button to cast your vote on an active survey.

Each member's vote will only be counted once.  You may add a comment after any answer you voted for.

Users authorized for the Maintain Surveys function will be able to view each member's vote along with their comments.  To all other users, the votes are kept anonymous.

Access to survey functions is controlled by three new security tasks:

Survey Widget

Display your active survey questions on your Home page by adding this new widget.

Use the standard process to edit your home page, then add a section of type "Widget".

Choose "Surveys" from the list of available widgets.

We recommend that you NOT make this section visible to the public.

This widget will only be displayed when you actually have survey questions in play.

Each question links you to the My Stuff → Surveys page, where you can cast your votes.

Surveys in Newsletter

A new section in the automated electronic newsletter displays all active survey questions that the current user has not yet voted on.

The new section looks like this:

This will be the last section of your newsletter.  If you wish to move it up to make it more visible, please go to Site Configuration → Automated Newsletter (Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts will find this function at Communication → Set Up Automated Newsletter) and click the "Sections" tab.

Drag and drop the "Surveys" section to the desired position, or use the arrow buttons to move it up and down.

Use the Save button to save your changes!

New Merit Badge Requirements

The BSA revised the requirements for a number of merit badges effective January 1, 2019.  Many of the changes were minor changes to the wording, which we could incorporate in the current version of that badge in TroopWebHost.  In a few cases the changes were so extensive that we needed to create new versions of the badge.

You'll find new versions of the following badges in TroopWebHost:

If a scout has switched to the new version of one of the badges listed above, you'll need to delete the old version from their list of badges and add the new one.

We updated the wording on these badges:

Our Adult Leaders

In last month's newsletter we announced our support for Family Scouting.  With "Option 1", the girl troop and boy troop would share one TroopWebHost site.  As part of this option, we allow you to designate which troop is served by each adult in a leadership position.

The Our Adult Leaders page will now automatically adjust if it sees that your troop has leaders designated for a girl troop or boy troop.  It will display all of the leaders who are common to both troops at the top, followed by the leaders for one of the troops, then the other.

Our Adult Leaders Widgets

The Our Adult Leaders page doesn't allow you to display any content other than the system-generated list of adult leaders.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to add your own text and images to your adult leaders page?

Scouts BSA troops using TroopWebHost can do just that!  First remove the existing page from your menu by going to Administration → Menu Configuration → Disable Menu Items.  Put a checkmark next to "Home --> Our Adult Leaders" and click Save.

Next, create a new "Our Adult Leaders" page by going to Home → Manage Custom Pages and click Add a New Item.

Once you've saved the new page, you should see it on your Home menu.  Select it from the menu, which will display an empty page.  From the Tools menu, select Edit This Page to enter edit mode.  Click the button to add a new section, then select a section type of "Widget".

On the list of available widgets, select one of the following:

You may then add other sections to this page to display other information.

Copy a Fundraiser

Cub Scout packs and Girl Scout troops now have the ability to copy a fundraiser.  This allows you to make a copy of last year's fundraiser for this year, with the same merchandise items, but with no orders.

Simply go to Fundraising → Copy A Fundraiser to see this page.

Select the fundraiser to be copied from the drop down list, then enter a name for the new fundraiser and the number of months to advance the dates in the new fundraiser (usually this will be 12 for annual fundraisers.)  Click Continue to create the copy.

Delete Multiple Photos

Girl Scout troops and Cub Scout packs may now easily delete many photos in one pass.  This comes in handy if one of your members uploads hundreds of photos for a recent event!

Please go to Photo Gallery → Delete Photos to see a list of all events with photos.  Click View Photos on the event which you plan to prune to see a page like this:

Put a checkmark in front of each image you wish to delete, then click Delete Selected Rows.

Membership User Role

We recently removed the Send User IDs and Passwords function from the default settings for the Membership user role in the Scouts BSA version of TroopWebHost.  We did this to limit the number of people who can reset user's passwords, which happens when you use this feature.  This means that some of your users may no longer be able to access this function.

To restore this capability, please go to Administration → Security Configuration → Assign Tasks To Roles and find "Send User IDs and Passwords" on the list of tasks.  Click Assign To Roles on that row.  On the next page, put a checkmark next to "Membership" and any other roles that should have this ability.  Click Save & Exit to save your changes.

Send Us Your Questions and Suggestions

Send us a ticket from the My Support Tickets page on your site's Help menu.   This is absolutely the best way to communicate with us!

Or simply contact us at  If you do, please include your troop number and city in your message so we can identify your site.