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March 2019 Enhancements

Medical Form Status

The Calendar detail page will now display each person's medical form status as of the end date of the event on the list of participants for any upcoming event.  If the event is scheduled to last more than 72 hours, it assumes that parts A, B, & C are required; otherwise, it only requires parts A and B.  If any of the required forms has never been filed, it will show "Missing".  If all required forms have been filed, but one or more are out of date, it will show "Expired".  If all required forms are up to date, the column will be left blank.

Running Totals

We now display running totals next to the transaction amount on the following pages:

Here is an example from the Individual Accounts detail page:

World Conservation Award

The system will now automatically award the World Conservation Award to any scout who has completed the following requirements:

This happens during our nightly advancement updates.  If you enter the final requirement today the award will appear tomorrow.

Inventory Report - Checked Out Items

The Inventory Report of Checked Out Items has been rearranged and reordered, making it much more useful.  The report is now sorted by the person to whom the items are checked out.

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