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August 2019 Enhancements

Merit Badge Requirements

TroopWebHost now handles merit badge requirements of the type "Do any TWO of the following..." or "Complete THREE of the following...".  You may now track which of these subrequirements were completed by the scout.  When the required number have been marked complete, the overall requirement will be automatically marked complete when you click the Save button.

We updated hundreds of merit badge requirements to use this new capability.  Here is one example from Citizenship in the Nation:

Personal Subaccount Transfer Rules

Many troops use Personal Subaccounts to segregate money earned by scouts from fundraisers, or to set up reserve accounts for summer camp or Philmont.

When these subaccounts are charged for scouting activities, it can cause some subaccount balances to go negative.  You may then need to transfer money from other subaccounts to clear these negative balances.

Rather than do this manually, you can now set up Personal Subaccount Transfer Rules to define how these transfers should be performed.  You can then use these rules to generate the desired transfer transactions.

To create these rules, please go to Site Configuration → Money → Personal Subaccount Transfer Rules.

Click Add a New Item to add a rule.

The Order of Evaluation determines the order in which this rule will be applied, relative to the other rules.  The lowest number goes first.  The numbers do not have to be sequential.  We recommend that you leave room between the numbers, so the first might be 100, followed by 200, etc.

The From Subaccount is the subaccount that will be debited for this transfer.

The To Subaccount will be credited by the transfer transaction that is generated.  A transfer transaction will only be generated when this subaccount has a negative balance.  The goal of this process is to clear out this negative balance and return it to zero.

Normally, the transfer will be limited to the amount of money in the FROM account.  So if the balance in the FROM account is $10, the system won't transfer more than $10 from that account, regardless of how much is needed in the TO account.

However, if you enable the option Reduce Debt To Zero Regardless of FROM Account Balance, the system will bypass this limit and transfer as much as is needed to get the TO account balance to zero.  This could cause the FROM account to go negative.

The Transaction Type For Transfer is the transaction type that will be assigned to all transactions generated by this rule.  You are only allowed to select transaction types that debit and credit member accounts, and have no effect on other accounts (with the exception of funds.)

The Transaction Description will be written to all transactions generated by this rule.

The system will also prompt you for funds if the selected transaction type requires funds.

Click Save & Exit to save your rule.

Once you've added at least one rule, you will see a button Apply Transfer Rules To All Members.  Press this button to run a procedure that will generate transactions based on the rules you've defined.

You can apply the rules just for one particular person by going to Money → Account Balances → Individual Accounts and clicking View Details for that individual.  If you have at least one rule defined, the detail page will have a button Auto-Transfer Between Subaccounts that will run this procedure just for this individual.

Personal Subaccount Balances

Authorized users may now view Personal Subaccount Balances for all active members by going to Money → Account Balances → Personal Subaccount Balances.

If you have at least one Personal Subaccount Transfer Rule defined, you will see a button Auto-Transfer Between Subaccounts For All Members.  This will generate transactions based on those rules, which will attempt to clear negative balances in selected subaccounts.

Posting Income To Expense Budget Items

As a general rule, transactions that represent income to the troop should only be posted to "Income" budget items.  Transactions that represent expenses should only be posted to "Expense" budget items.

In the past, if you violated this rule, it would cause the budget item to be reported twice and cause the totals to be incorrect.

Sometimes these transactions are necessary adjustments to that budget item.  We now allow for this situation and post the adjustments appropriately.

Camping Nights for Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts

Cub Scout packs and Girl Scout troops can now track camping nights for their scouts.  This can be enabled by configuring a new option in the Event Type.

Scouts who attend any event with a type configured for camping nights will receive credit for the number of camping nights based on the start date and end date of the event.  You may override this number for individual scouts when you Take Attendance for the event.

You may view the total camping nights for a given scout on the Participation tab of the Scouting History page, as shown here:

Send Us Your Questions and Suggestions

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Or simply contact us at  If you do, please include your troop number and city in your message so we can identify your site.