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July 2020 Enhancements

Upload Training

The BSA continues to add and remove functions that allow you to export training data from the My Scouting site.  The Unit Training Tracking CSV export has been gradually disappearing from users' menus for the past year.  The Member Training Report PDF, for which we released an upload function in April, has been discontinued.  New export functions have appeared with their own quirks and limitations.

In response, we've created a new training upload function that accepts multiple formats.  Currently those formats are:

The User Guide shows how to export these files from the My Scouting site (at least for now).

The new upload program is called Upload Training From My.Scouting.Org.

It does not accept PDF files because we found those to be inconsistent.  When you export the CSV files from My Scouting, be careful not to open them in Excel but instead save them directly to disk to preserve the correct format.

Going forward we will incorporate any new training data formats into this program as they come available.

Delete Unused Training

Your TroopWebHost site came pre-configured with a number of training courses, some of which may not be relevant to your unit.

It is now easy to remove those courses you don't need.  When you go to Site Configuration → Training Courses to maintain your list of available courses, you'll see a new button Delete Unused Courses.

This will take you to a list of courses that have never been referenced from an adult training or scout training record.

Click on the checkbox in the header row to select all items, or select individual items to remove.  Then click Delete Selected Items.

Limit Add Merit Badge

Some troops use the presence of a merit badge on a scout's list to track whether they've issued a blue card for that badge.  When their scouts have the ability to add merit badges to their list from TroopWebHost, it breaks that process.

To solve this, we added a new security task, "Add a merit badge to my list", which controls whether you have access to that feature.

To preserve the existing functionality, we authorized this task for all user roles containing the word "Scout" or "Adult".

You can remove this authorization using the Assign Tasks To Roles page, if you don't want your scouts to have this ability.

Limit Request Sign Off

Troops that work with a lot of outside merit badge counselors don't want their scouts to use the "Request Sign Off" option for merit badges, since the counselors won't have access to TroopWebHost to respond to those requests.

But they may still want scouts to request sign off on rank requirements, since those will be handled by the troop's advancement coordinators.

To facilitate this, we created two new security tasks:

The task "Request Sign Off On Requirements" still exists, and still authorizes both capabilities.  So troops that wish to let scouts request sign off for both don't need to make any changes.  But troops that want to limit this now have the option.

Dietary Restrictions

Cub Scout Packs and Girl Scout Troops may now track dietary restrictions on the scout membership record.

This information will then appear in the Comment column, along with information on allergies, when you print the Participants List for any event.

Send Us Your Questions and Suggestions

Send us a ticket from the My Support Tickets page on your site's Help menu.   This is absolutely the best way to communicate with us!

Or simply contact us at  If you do, please include your troop number and city in your message so we can identify your site.