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August 2020 Enhancements

Restrict Sign Up By Balance

You can now prevent scouts from signing up for events if their current balance falls below an amount that you specify.

This feature is available for all versions of TroopWebHost.

Update your Event Types to enable this feature, as shown here.

When you enable Require Minimum Balance For Sign Up you will then be prompted for an amount, which will then be the minimum balance required for events of this type.

Please note that the minimum balance can be negative.  So, for example, you might set the required minimum balance to -100.  This would only prevent scouts who are already seriously in arrears (i.e., already owe the troop more than $100) from signing up for more events.

For troops that are using personal subaccounts, the system will look at the primary account balance (which does not include reserve accounts like "Summer Camp" or "Philmont") for each scout - unless the event is linked to a subaccount (like "Summer Camp"), in which case the system will look at each scout's balance in that specific subaccount.

You can override the default minimum balance when you create individual events.

Again, the minimum balance can be set to a negative number, so that only scouts who have failed to pay for previous events will be prevented from signing up.

If you do not meet the minimum balance requirement, the sign up buttons will be omitted and you will see an explanation as to why you cannot sign up.

The system uses this new column to provide a similar explanation if the scout is prevented from signing up because the event is restricted to a dynamic subgroup to which they don't belong, or if the maximum number of scouts allowed for this event has already been exceeded.

TroopWebHost for Scouts BSA units only enforces the minimum balance requirement for scouts.  TroopWebHostCS for Cub Scouts and TroopWebHostGS for Girl Scouts will enforce the minimum balance requirement for all members.

Uncompleted Requirements Report

Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts have a new report that helps you guide your scouts to completing their goals.

The Uncompleted Requirements report finds all badges, awards, adventures, and journeys that scouts have started at their current age level, but have not yet completed.

It then lists all of the requirements for each item that one or more of those scouts have not yet completed, with a list of those scouts.

You can run it for any age level, as shown here.

This is what the report will look like:

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