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Tips & Tricks

Do you normally start your TroopWebHost session by picking your troop off the list at www.TroopWebHost.com/Logon.htm?

Save yourself some time by creating a "Bookmark" in your browser (Internet Explorer calls them "Favorites".)

A bookmark remembers the site's address, so you can go there directly by picking it from a list in your browser.

Select Bookmark This Site from your TroopWebHost menu (it's new!) to create your bookmark.

Cool Web Stuff

This very talented troop produced their own rap video
to promote their fundraiser, selling homemade chocolate!


At the end of our first full year of operation, 2009, we had 14 troops using TroopWebHost.
We now have that many troops just in Houston, Texas!
Over 1,100 scouting units worldwide now use TroopWebHost to manage their operations.

Thank you for your support!

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