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Quick Inventory Check-In

This month we've made some improvements in the Troop Equipment and Library Materials inventory systems.

But first, let's welcome our newest subscribers:
  • Troop 33 of Clackamas, Oregon
  • Troop 62 of Cumming, Georgia
  • Troop 71 of Gaston, South Carolina
  • Troop 153 of Saratoga, Wyoming
  • Troop 234 of Scottsburg, Indiana
  • Troop 303 of Webster Groves, Missouri
  • Troop 306 of Thomasville, Georgia
  • Troop 309 of Temecula, California
  • Troop 450 of Ellendale, Tennessee
  • Troop 524 of Ovilla, Texas
  • Troop 550 of Warner Robins, Georgia
  • Troop 594 of South Cheatham, Tennessee
  • Troop 849 of Aurora, Illinois
  • Troop 1910 of Warren, Michigan

Please contact us at with any questions you might have about getting started.
Quick Equipment Check-InQuick Equipment Check-In
Quick Equipment Check-InQuick Equipment Check-In
Quick Check-In

There are two new items on the Inventory menu:
  • Quick Library Check-In
  • Quick Equipment Check-In
The Quick Equipment Check-In screen is shown at left.  It is available to users who have been given the Troop Equipment role.

It shows all troop equipment that is currently checked out.  You can check in a group of items by simply clicking on the box next to each, and hit the Save button.

The Print List button will create a PDF report file listing all of the outstanding inventory items.

The Quick Library Check-In function works in exactly the same way, and also has a reporting option.  It is available to users who have the Librarian role.

User Guide Coming Soon!

We're well on our way with the development of a comprehensive integrated on-line User Guide that will provide detailed information about every aspect of your TroopWebHost software.

We hope to have more details for you next month.
Thank you for your support!

John Corning