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Custom Pages, Group Merit Badge Entry, And More!

Lots of new features this month:  custom pages, rapid entry of completed merit badges for a group of scouts, a new security configuration report, and more Update All... functions.

As always, we'd like to begin by thanking all of the troops who signed up with TroopWebHost in the past month:

  • Troop 3 of Alameda, CA
  • Troop 21 of Hutchinson, Kansas
  • Troop 21 of Montoursville, Pennsylvania
  • Troop 60 of Spreckels, California
  • Troop 72 of Tallahassee, Florida
  • Troop 101 of Auburn Township, Ohio
  • Troop 109 of Louisville, Kentucky
  • Troop 116 of Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Troop 128 of Trussville, Alabama
  • Troop 185 of Boerne, Texas
  • Troop 226 of Edmond, Oklahoma
  • Troop 229 of Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Troop 230 of Woodland Park, Colorado
  • Troop 309 of New York Mills, Minnesota
  • Troop 311 of Northglenn, Colorado
  • Troop 314 of Webster Groves, Missouri
  • Troop 331 of Omaha, Nebraska
  • Troop 333 of Lake Wylie, South Carolina
  • Troop 371 of Bellflower, California
  • Troop 371 of Saco, Maine
  • Troop 513 of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Troop 524 of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
  • Troop 654 of Poway, California
  • Troop 803 of Chesterfield, Missouri
  • Troop 806 of Houston, Texas
  • Troop 1029 of Beverly Hills, Michigan
  • Troop 1332 of Spring, Texas
  • Troop 3042 of Red Hook, New York
  • Troop 8463 of Cape Coral, Florida

If you have any questions or suggestions about TroopWebHost, please contact us at info@TroopWebHost.com.

When you do, please include your troop number and city in your message so we'll know exactly who you are.

Add Custom Pages To Your Home Menu

Your site administrator can now select Custom Pages from the Administration menu to add and manage custom pages.  This allows you to add pages to your Home menu that you can edit in the same way you edit the Home page and the About Our Troop page.

Enter Completed Merit Badges For A Group Of Scouts

There is a new button, Add Completed Badge For A Group Of Scouts, on the Merit Badges page which will take you to this page:

Fill in the blanks, then Continue to the next page...

...where you can select the scouts who completed this badge.

Task Menu Items Report

You'll find this new report on your Security Configuration submenu.  It shows which menu items will be available to users who have been assigned a role that is authorized for each task.

More Update All Functions

Last month we added several functions that allow you to update a group of records from one page.

This month we added three more:

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions about these or any other features.

Thank you for your support!

John Corning