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Manage Your Money

It's easy to keep track of all your troop expenses and funds on-line.

There are three types of accounts:
  • Troop accounts (like your troop checking account)
  • Member accounts (one for each scout and each adult)
  • Event accounts (like a particular campout)

You also have the option to set up funds to track other balances independent of the three types of accounts shown above.

Each transaction can affect the balance of one or more of these accounts and your funds, depending on the type of transaction you select.
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Accept On-Line Payments

You can configure your site to accept on-line payments from troop members using PayPal™

Troops that choose this option must first set up a (free) PayPal merchant account and configure it to work with their site, as described in detail in the TroopWebHost User Guide.

Scouts and parents will then be able to make on-line payments, which will be posted automatically to their individual accounts by creating a deposit transaction.  They can also view the status of pending on-line payments.

The treasurer will receive an e-mail notification whenever a payment has been posted to the troop's account.
Entering TransactionsEntering Transactions
Entering Transactions

Move your mouse to the left to see an example of a transaction.

In this example we selected Deposit To Member Account as our transaction type.

As soon as we did, the page displayed the drop down boxes to choose:
  • The troop account to credit with this amount
  • The member account to credit with this amount
Since this type of transaction does not involve an event, we were not asked to select an event.
Transaction TypesTransaction Types
Transaction Types

The transaction type is the first thing you select when you enter a new transaction.

The name tells you exactly what the transaction is going to do. For example:
  • Troop Expense Paid From Troop Account For Event lets you record a check your wrote to cover a camping expense.
  • Charge Member Account For Event is used to charge a scout or adult for their share of the costs of a campout or summer camp.
  • Transfer Between Member Accounts lets you move money from a parent's account to his son's account.
Once you select a transaction type, the screen displays the appropriate accounts to select to complete the transaction.
Group TransactionsGroup Transactions
Group Transactions

Sometimes you want to apply the same transaction to many members of the troop at once.

This makes it very easy to handle monthly dues.

It is also a convenient way to charge every member that attended a campout their share of the costs.

Group transactions allow you to do this quickly and easily.

Simply enter the transaction and check off the members to whom it should be applied. It's that easy!
Troop Checking AccountTroop Checking Account
Troop Checking Account

You can view the current balance of your troop checking account at any time.

This page shows all of the transactions that affected this account.

In a similar fashion, you can view the current balance and transaction history for any scout or adult leader.

You can also view the balance for any event. This makes it easy to charge the costs of a campout back to the scouts who participated.

Balancing your troop's checkbook is a breeze with our Statement Reconciliation function.  When you receive your monthly bank statement, simply enter the starting and ending balances, select the deposits and payments that cleared, and find out instantly if you are missing any transactions.
Members See Account Activity On-LineMembers See Account Activity On-Line
Tell Members Where They Stand

You don't need to print out and mail statements to scouts and parents anymore!

Each member can look up their current balance and transaction history on-line, just by logging on.

You can also e-mail a personalized message to each member of the troop telling them what their current balance is. You can include additional information in the body of the e-mail, such as where to mail their checks or reminders about upcoming expenses like summer camp.

The e-mail that goes to parents shows their balance plus the balance of each son that is in the troop.
Report Account BalancesReport Account Balances
Be Prepared

Be ready for your committee meeting by printing out your account balances before you go.

The Account Summary report shows the current balance of each troop account and each member of the troop.

It also shows you the troop's current reserves as well as the total amount of funds being held for troop members.

The Financial History report summarizes your transaction activity over a given time frame.

It also shows you the cost of each event that occurred, with the average cost per participant, and a list of all miscellaneous expenses.
Upload Account BalancesUpload Account Balances
It's Easy To Get Started!

First create a Troop Account for your troop checking account.

Then enter a Starting Account Balance transaction for your checking account and for each member of your troop.

That's all there is to it.

And if you are currently using TroopLedger to manager your funds, it's even easier!

Just export your current account balances from TroopLedger and upload them into your new system (see screen at left).