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Spend more time with the boys and less time managing information.  Use TroopWebHost to share the load.

With TroopWebHost, every adult leader, committee member and scout can take part in managing your troop, using their own computers - and smartphones - on the Internet.

Thereís no software to install, no updates to purchase, and every member of your troop can have an appropriate level of access to your troopís web site and its functions.

It's a complete solution for managing your troop, especially when compared to ScoutBook™.

The Most Complete Web-Based Solution For Managing Your Troop's Operations

  TroopWebHost makes it easy for your troop to:

  • Keep membership and advancement records to submit to the council
  • Plan, promote and register troop members for events
  • Communicate with troop members through the web site, e-mail and newsletter
  • Manage troop funds and individual member accounts
  • Accept payments on-line using PayPal™
  • Manage fundraisers and sell merchandise on-line.
  • Keep track of inventory from camp gear to merit badge books
  • Create reports and spreadsheets
  • Upload photos and videos

It's Easy To Share Information With Your Troop

With TroopWebHost, information is shared among all members of your troop, limited only by security restrictions that you control.

You never need to enter any piece of information more than once - scout names and addresses, advancements, events, or anything else. Once is enough.

As soon as your membership leader adds a new scout...
    ...your advancement leader can begin updating rank requirements...
              ...your treasurer can begin billing dues and recording payments...
                      ...and the scout and his parent can use the site to sign up for events.

People interested in your troop can view the general information that you choose to put on your troopís home page.

Only members of your troop with user IDs and passwords can access the rest of the information on your site.   Your site is private and secure.

Once a member has logged on, many functions are tailored to that memberís identity. They can:
  • View their account balance
  • Make on-line payments to the troop using PayPal™
  • Update their password and contact information
  • Sign up for upcoming events and shifts
  • Send e-mail to other troop members
  • View e-mail received from the troop
  • Subscribe to the troop calendar
  • Participate in the Scout Forum
  • Check out troop equipment and library materials
  • Enter orders for fundraiser sales
  • Sell fundraiser items on-line with their Personal URL
  • Purchase merchandise from the troop