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  • Create shifts for an event.  Members can sign up for shifts on-line.  Track hours worked by each member.
  • Sign up to bring Potluck Dinner items, or Equipment and Supplies for Eagle projects.
  • Add another Other Document to Events.
  • Automated Electronic Newsletter now merges all upcoming events into one list.
  • Easier to read format for Troop Calendar detail pages.
  • Server Upgrade for improved performance and capacity.

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Troop 1423 of Santa Rita, Guam
Troop 4070 of Imperial, CA
Troop 30 of Los Altos, CA
Troop 934 of Pleasanton, CA
Troop 535 of Saratoga, CA
Troop 180 of Vacaville, CA
Troop 113 of Aurora, CO
Troop 212 of Northglenn, CO
Troop 510 of Council Bluffs, IA
Troop 505 of Naperville, IL
Troop 105 of Cedar Lake, IN
Troop 1792 of Sunderland, MD
Troop 151 of Warroad, MN
Troop 409 of Springfield, MO
Troop 30 of Jackson, MS
Troop 187 of Neptune, NJ
Troop 78 of Eaton, OH
Troop 557 of Sarver, PA
Troop 633 of Amarillo, TX
Troop 22 of Frisco, TX
Troop 900 of Houston, TX
Troop 1102 of Houston, TX
Troop 446 of Pearland, TX

We Appreciate Referrals!

This month our sincere thanks go to:

Troop 903 of Huntingtown MD,
for referring Troop 1792 of Sunderland, MD

Troop 414 of Pearland, TX
for referring Troop 446 of Pearland, TX

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Troop 507 of Lake Mary, FL
This fine looking site is even more impressive when you consider Troop 507 has been with Troop Web Host
a mere 55 days!

Plenty of photos and the weather forecast on the home page are great, and we’re even more jazzed about all the custom pages they’ve added to their home tab.

There are tons of information already on those pages, and more is coming on a few pages that are still “undr kunstrukson.” Troop 507 is off to a flying start!

Troop 507 of Lake Mary, FL, we salute you!
Your award ribbon is on its way to you!


It’s that time of year again: Boy Scout Christmas tree lots are springing up across the country. Ever wonder how many real trees are sold every year?

Click here for that and a video of scouts doing something really cool!

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Troop 1423 of Guam!

A special welcome to Troop 1423 of Santa Rita, Guam, joining the ranks of TWH troops based internationally.

Thank you!

Thank you for your support!

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