November 2014 Newsletter
December 2014 Newsletter
  January / February 2015 Newsletter


This month we added features to help you sell merchandise - like troop t-shirts - to your scouts and parents.

  • A new Buy Stuff From Troop function is available for the My Stuff menu.  It allows members to select items and then pay for them, either from their individual account (if they have sufficient funds) or with PayPal.
  • The Orders page has been broken out into Public Orders - for your public sales campaigns (i.e. fundraisers) - and Member Orders - for sales to members only.
  • The Member Orders page allows you to enter orders from members directly and also enter a payment transaction for each order.
  • The system no longer allows you to change the content of an order once payment has been posted.

We also added the ability to page through lengthy lists of data, with a user setting that will allow you to view 50, 100, or 200 rows at a time, or view the entire table.  This makes it much easier to use pages that can get lengthy, like Add and Update Events.

Click here for all the details!


Troop 2020 of Brentwood, CA
Troop 931 of Livermore, CA
Crew 2 of Los Gatos, CA
Troop 251 of Tulare, CA
Troop 826 of Lithia, FL
Troop 211 of Sioux Center, IA
Troop 305 of Chester, IL
Troop 692 of Bright, IN
Troop 136 of Lenexa, KS
Troop 1 of Hopedale, MA
Troop 3354 of Annandale, MN
Troop 237 of Cottage Grove, MN
Crew 25 of Lincoln, NE
Crew 130 of Massapequa, NY
Troop 7 of New Rochelle, NY
Troop 228 of Rhinebeck, NY
Troop 65 of Harrah, OK
Troop 828 of Garden Ridge, TX
Crew 9310 of League City, TX
Troop 828 of Chesapeake, VA

We Appreciate Referrals!

This month our sincere thanks go to:

Troop 408 of Shawnee, OK,
for referring Troop 65 of Harrah, OK

Pack 42 of Red Hook, NY,
for referring Troop 228 of Rhinebeck, NY

Troop 916 of Pleasanton, CA,
for referring Troop 931 of Livermore, CA


Troop 2 of Springfield, MO
Troop 2 has a fantastic Adult Leaders page, with pics and information about each of their hard-working leaders.

We are especially impressed with their "The Scoutmaster Speaks Blog." This is an awesome collection of meeting reports, history and inspirational messages, dating back to a year before they even had a Troop Web Host website!

Their photo gallery is filled with memories, and these guys look like they have had a lot of fun. Just check out their fabulously freaky buffet table at the troop's Halloween event at Shawio Camp!

Troop 2 of Springfield, MO, we salute you!
Your award ribbon is on its way to you!


The staff at Troop Web Host want to wish you the happiest of holidays. And FUN!

Click here to read more and to check out our favorite video of the season!

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High fives to:

Troop 1 of Springfiled, MO

...who recently joined the ranks of our
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