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November 2016 Newsletter

This Month's Enhancements

Copy Monthly Events Track more activities.  You can now configure event types to track:

  • Conservation Hours
  • Cabin Camping Nights
  • Backpacking Miles
  • Horseback Riding Miles
  • Motorboating Miles
  • On The Water Hours
  • Skating Miles

Conservation Service hours will be applied to the service requirements for Star and Life.

You may now finalize attendance for shifts similar to how you finalize attendance for events.

Determine which shifts will add to service hours for community service or conservation service.

Don't award credit until attendance is finalized.  A new option allows you to control when credit for participating in troop activities will be recognized.

National Outdoor Awards reports for each segment:   Camping, Hiking, Aquatics, Conservation, Riding and Adventure.

Click here for details!

Website of the Month!

Troop 20 of Delafield, Wisconsin!

Just looking at the facial expressions in the page-width photo at the top of their home page you feel like you already know these guys!

We like how they've used background colors and shadows on their sidebar sections to make them stand out. The photo collage in the lower portion of the home page is a nice touch, too!

Troop 20 of Delafield, Wisconsin,
we salute you!

Your award ribbon is on its way to you!

We Welcome Our Latest Subscribers


  • Troop 121 of Theodore
  • Troop 320 of Mountain Brook


  • Troop 921 of Surprise


  • Pack 700 of Cameron Park
  • Pack 734 of Aliso Viejo
  • Troop 1 of Reseda
  • Ship 300 of Alviso
  • Crew 412 of Fountain Valley
  • Crew 871 of La Habra
  • Troop 871 of La Habra


  • Troop 5 of Stamford


  • Troop 289 of Grovetown


  • Troop 70 of Ewa Beach


  • Pack 122 of Lewiston


  • Troop 37 of Geneva


  • Troop 761 of Midland


  • Pack 104 of Fremont


  • Pack 141 of Cincinnati


  • Troop 125 of Phildelphia

South Carolina

  • Troop 459 of Goose Creek


  • Troop 1907 of Cypress


  • Troop 141 of Christiansburg

Fantastic Fives!

High fives to these troops who have joined the ranks of our loyal subscribers of 5 years or longer:

  • Troop 30 of Redwater, Texas
  • Troop 33 of West Chicago, Illinois
  • Troop 150 of Enterprise, Alabama
  • Troop 298 of Nolensville, Tennessee
  • Troop 518 of Dallas, Texas
  • Troop 537 of Medina, Minnesota
  • Troop 641 of Woodstock, Georgia
  • Troop 652 of Red Oak, Texas
  • Troop 850 of Spring Creek, Nevada

Questions or Suggestions?

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Please include your troop number and city in your message so we know who you are.

Thank You For Your Support!