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April 2019 Newsletter

This Month's Enhancements

We rebalanced the load on our servers to improve performance during peak usage.

Signing off on rank requirements was optimized to run significantly faster.

Command buttons now appear at the top and bottom of many pages.

Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts can now designate their youngest scouts as being in grade "K" for Kindergarten.

New Journey Awards were added to Girl Scout sites.

Click here for details!

Website of the Month!

This Month We Salute
Troop 1853 of Springfield, Virginia!

This Scouts BSA troop for girls shows what's possible when you really know your HTML.

We've never seen a TroopWebHost home page like this, with scrolling transparent sections that reveal fixed images in the background.  It looks like something a commercial web marketing company might build in Wordpress.

It's still a new site, so some links aren't fully operational.  But what they've done so far totally blew us away!

Congratulations, Troop 1853 of Springfield, Virginia!

Your award certificate is on its way to you!

We Welcome Our Latest Subscribers


  • Pack 1592 of Roseville
  • Troop 492 of Sunnyvale


  • Troop 113 of Centennial Girls


  • Troop 65 of Trumbull
  • Troop 788 of Weston


  • Troop 998 of Clermont
  • Girls Troop 4998 of Clermont


  • Girls Troop 5205 of Cumming


  • Girls Troop 2212 of Fenton


  • Troop 347 of Eden Prairie


  • Troop 235 of Saint Joseph

New Jersey

  • Crew 277 of Kinnelon
  • Troop 474 of East Northport

North Carolina

  • Troop 89 of Wilson


  • Girls Troop 1452 of Cincinnati


  • Troop 1988 of Mechanicsburg


  • Troop 3 of Saginaw
  • Troop 306 of Allen
  • Troop 992 of Sugar Land


  • Girls Troop 681 of Seattle


  • Troop 531 of Franklin

Fantastic Fives!

High fives to these troops who have joined the 600+ subscribers who have been with TroopWebHost  for 5 years or longer:

  • Troop 8 of Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Troop 10 of Limerick, Pennsylvania
  • Troop 18 of Fort Myers, Florida
  • Troop 25 of Orlando, Florida
  • Troop 33 of Land O Lakes, Florida
  • Troop 43 of Batavia, Illinois
  • Troop 71 of Plano, Illinois
  • Troop 77 of Venice, Florida
  • Troop 116 of Hibernia, Pennsylvania
  • Troop 225 of Camarillo, California
  • Troop 230 of Chesterfield, Indiana
  • Troop 283 of Denham Springs, Louisiana
  • Troop 356 of Bothell, Washington
  • Troop 389 of Green Cove Springs, Florida
  • Troop 447 of Fremont, California
  • Troop 456 of Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
  • Troop 493 of Cupertino, California
  • Troop 565 of Round Rock, Texas
  • Troop 591 of Redmond, Washington
  • Troop 663 of San Diego, California
  • Troop 709 of Flower Mound, Texas
  • Troop 716 of Madison, Mississippi
  • Troop 783 of Annapolis, Maryland
  • Troop 973 of Abingdon, Maryland

Questions or Suggestions?

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Or simply contact us at
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Thank You For Your Support!