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May 2020 Newsletter

Photo Gallery Upgrades!

This month we made major improvements to the Photo Gallery that make it a full featured image repository for your unit.

The primary image may now be stored at up to 1080p resolution, and you also have the option of storing an archive copy at even higher resolution.

The revised multiple photo upload page uploads high resolution images as fast as your internet connection will allow, and features a photo editor so you can crop and rotate photos before uploading them.

A new function lets you download a group of photos to a zip file, using the highest resolution copy available.

The Photo Gallery slide show has been completely redesigned to take advantage of the larger images.

We also added a new scout leadership widget.

Click here for details!

Website of the Month!

This Month We Salute
Troop 11 of Piedmont, California!

We love the wonderful photo montage in the banner image of their home page, but what really caught our eye was the "Flatten The Curve" patch, a timely innovation by their local council.

When we looked closer, we discovered they are using the Announcements widget to generate the main section of their home page.  It is a great example of how you can add images to announcements for a professional look.

The "New Scout Guide" page provides a comprehensive introduction to Troop 11, which I'm sure prospective scouts and their parents must appreciate.

Congratulations, Troop 11 of Piedmont, California!

Your award certificate is on its way to you!

We Welcome Our Latest Subscribers


  • Troop 68 of Trumbull


  • Troop 55 of Lawrence


  • Troop 1292 of Huntington Woods


  • Pack 477 of Plymouth


  • Pack 1626 of Houston


  • Troop 869 of Midlothian


  • Troop 648 of Vancouver


  • Troop 768 of Poynette

Fantastic Fives!

High fives to these troops who have joined the 800+ subscribers who have been with TroopWebHost  for 5 years or longer:

  • Pack 1 of Cochituate, Massachusetts
  • Troop 12 of Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Troop 44 of Matunuck, Rhode Island
  • Troop 61 of Houston, Texas
  • Troop 102 of Central City, Nebraska
  • Troop 154 of Sterling Heights, Michigan
  • Troop 174 of Republic, Missouri
  • Troop 315 of Macomb, Illinois
  • Troop 401 of Spring, Texas
  • Troop 681 of San Diego, California
  • Troop 707 of Columbia, Missouri

Questions or Suggestions?

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