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I'm glad with our new troop, we've had TWH to help get everything streamlined.  It's already saved us so much time.  I can't say enough good things and I'm always preaching TWH to our parents and new mantra is, "You can find that in TroopWebHost!"
- Karon Garrett, Outdoor Activities Chair, Troop 1429, North Beach, Maryland

We absolutely love TWHcs (and TWH, which we use in our companion Troop 325).  It's an excellent platform and a tremendous value.  Thanks very much for all you do to keep it useful and innovative.
- Eric Baucom, Treasurer, Pack 325, Raleigh, North Carolina

Thank you for the great support you give this product.  As a software professional myself, I'm impressed at the level of service you provide to us on a daily basis.
- Jim Cooper, Scoutmaster, Troop 268, New Market, Maryland

I have to say that I am so impressed with TWH - the program, the user guide, the functionality, and the super fast and helpful responses I have received since my first initial emails asking questions before choosing this.
- Mary Johnson, Committee Chair, Troop 2, Kennesaw, Georgia

Our Troop has been using TroopWebHost for several years now. We continue to be impressed by the innovation and customer support of the TWH Team. The monthly newsletters, the user guide, the quick responses to our queries for help and improvements is a testimony to your developers and support staff. Thanks for your service to Scouting.
- Alex Hernandez, Committee Chairman, Troop 632, Lithia, Florida

The folks that design and write TroopWebHost are absolutely fantastic!  When our troop was founded, I searched for the best software solution for managing troop records and TroopWebHost was my selection.  We’ve been extremely happy and have never thought of using another management solution.  My background in software design and development led me to TroopWebHost and I’ve not been disappointed.  Their team is doing things the right way and I appreciate the thought put in to all of the many enhancements put into place during our 6+ years of using the product.  Thanks for making the management of troops so much easier.
- Rob Stanford, Committee Chairman, Troop 50, Auburn, Alabama

Thanks for your effort in continually improving Troop Web Host!  It’s great that there is something new and useful every single month.  We’re really happy to be a customer.
- Eric Saddler, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 974, West Chester, Ohio

We have been playing with your product and we absolutely love it!  We used Packmaster/Troopmaster for 3 years and Scoutbook for a little over two years and neither were a perfect fit.  Thank you so much for a great product!
- Bryon Brandon, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 177, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Thank you for TroopWebHost; it was already a leap ahead when we started using it and it keeps getting better!

As a TroopMaster convert the extra efforts you do supporting import are invaluable.  As a result of your continued improvements we have been able to retire TroopMaster and also get a great easy to use website and consolidate our photo gallery.  Enabling multiple parties to easily access or administer keeping the troops calendar, membership, and related information updated is a huge benefit.  This no longer “Falls to the keeper of the database”.  The calendar and online sign up makes attendance taking and credit for related activities a snap, and keeping everything up to date is easily shared by multiple parties.  Love the flexibility.  We are using portions of the Accounting system, and found we could easily add electronic payment capabilities for dues and trip fees, which makes things easier on the treasurer.  There are time saving features for everyone’s role.

- Scott Harrison, Advancement Chair, Troop 709, Issaquah, Washington

I love the recent facelift to your site and how you keep us up-to-date using Facebook.  We selected TroopWebHost in 2012, after doing extensive research across similar software and providers.  TWH is, hands-down, the best, most comprehensive solution in this space.  We especially appreciate how you take customer feedback and continually drive valuable features into the product.
- Bob Bassett, Troop 346, Minnetonka, Minnesota

I was just spending time on our TroopWebHost web site, updating some achievements from a past campout, and thought “Wow, what an awesome web site this is” as it keeps track of everything.  I’ve been using it for a couple years now and just wanted to drop you a note to say THANKS!
- Mike Bitz, Troop 48, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I have been involved in professional software development for 30 plus years and your improvements to both hardware and software are very much appreciated.  Just when I think the site is running a tad slow, you announce that you are upgrading your SSD drives.  When I think it would nice if the site was more mobile friendly, you announce a redesign to support mobile.  Our troop committee is so very pleased with the switch to TWH, especially our Treasurer who has gone paperless.  You are doing a truly remarkable job.  TWH rocks!
- Dr. Mike Villano, Scoutmaster, Troop 572, Granger, Indiana

Thank you for the support of the website.  It is amazing and getting better every month.  You surely have done a great service to scouting.
- Jana Peachman, Committee Member, Troop 338, Avon Lake, Ohio

About a year ago, we decided to modernize and launched Troopwebhost as a replacement for all of our technologies.  One word can explain the difference it has made for us: Wow!

Bottom Line:  The Scouts are thriving with this tool.  Our Troop is running smoother.  Our adult volunteers are getting more work done with less effort.  We highly recommend TWH to any Troop looking for an alternative to the norm.

- Rob Katz, Treasurer, Troop 591, Redmond, Washington

I have been extremely happy with the switch from Troopmaster.  I see the real value in my Webmaster being able to update the web page, my historian uploading pictures, my librarian maintaining the library and my quartermaster maintaining equipment.  In addition, being able to automatically providing the newsletter that gives each scout and their parents with their rank status will greatly improve communication.  I love being able to subscribe to the troop calendar on my smart phone!  I'm excited!
- Greg LaForge, Scoutmaster, Troop 35, Plainwell, Michigan

The site is completely changing the way our troop has operated and making the management workload evenly distributed across many adult leaders instead of just one.  Easy work for many people instead of a lot of work for one.  Thank you for developing this great product!
- Bill Orner, Committee Chair, Troop 31, Los Altos, California

We implemented TroopWebHost in 2013 to improve the management of our growing Troop which has doubled from 26 to over 50 scouts in the last 18 months.  The internet access to important features by leaders and families has significantly helped keep everyone informed of the Troop schedule and activities, streamlined event sign up and payment, manage advancement progress and even helped track Troop finances and equipment inventory.  We appreciate the commitment of the developer to continuously add new enhancements and functionality.  I strongly recommend it for any Troop interested in a state-of-the-art solution to Troop Management.
- Wes Forgey, Committee Chair, District Commissioner, Troop 554, Vancouver, Washington

TroopWebHost has changed the way we parents and scouts communicate.  Before we discovered TWH, we had a website.  Some parents would visit… and very rarely, one of the scouts.  Once we installed TroopWebHost, we all found it SO much easier to communicate with one another.  The calendar system is a must have … and the eMail feature is terrific.  The scouts have been logging in regularly to see where they are with their rankings.  It’s all been a game changer for our troop.
TroopWebHost has made us … closer! :)

- Steve Rhods, Scout Master & Marc Sylvester, Web Master, Troop 225 in Camarillo, CA

Our experience with TroopWebHost so far has been nothing but terrific.  TroopWebHost, from day one, has not faltered and is continually acting on improvements to make the site more functional than the superior functionality the site already has.  The support I have received on questions has been quick and complete, not to mention, most courteous.  In particular, we like the weekly newsletter function that includes the upcoming calendar items.
- Rick Burris, Web Master, Troop 0356, Bothell, Washington

We started our service with TroopWebHost from the founding of our troop in 2012.  The features offered seemed to really fit with our needs as a troop.  Over the course of the last 2 years, John Corning and his team have been very responsive to our needs.  The site has been upgraded with several features we've requested in a very prompt and professional manner.  We highly recommend TroopWebHost for all troops seeking a comprehensive site to help troop administration from both adult and boy sides.
- Grace Saturnia, Committee Chair, Troop 777, Honolulu, Hawaii

My Committee Chairwoman and I find TroopWebHost indispensable.

As a small troop, we do not have separated roles among parents/leaders so having TroopWebHost available makes it easier for us to track things like dates and scouts' advancements.  She uses it to track every item signed off for a scouts’ rank and merit badges and recently, we’ve been putting in our service hours so we can use it to track our Journey to Excellence initiative for the year.

I use TroopWebHost to enter upcoming dates for campouts, community service projects, meetings, courts of honor and other upcoming events.  Because of TroopWebHost, I now have all of our meetings and other events listed so if I do send out a quarterly email, I just remind parents to check the calendar of events.

We’ve only been using TroopWebHost for a year and haven’t even used it for its full potential but I see us looking to dig more into it to unlock even more ways for our troop to be productive and to share information more than we already are.

Thank you for such an outstanding product!

- Jeff Dumais, Webmaster & Advancement Coordinator, Troop 33, Hampstead, New Hampshire

We converted from Troopmaster and Troopkit software to TroopWebHost about 9 months ago.  The database features have totally eliminated paper records filed in binders namely adult training with expiration dates at-a-glance, merit badge library inventory and in-out records and health form expirations.  The transparency of our Troop’s finances is an outstanding feature.  The system allows all members – youth and adult to see how much we have and how much we spend monthly.  Scouts have the capability to view their account balances on-line to ensure they have funds to cover monthly campout expenses without having to inquire same of our Treasurer or Outdoor Chair.  It has reduced time spent on “collections” for the Outdoor Chair.  The Advancement database allows Scout, parent and Counselor to view partial completions and what requirements remain open WITH THE ENTIRE TEXT of the requirement at your fingertips.  We are a fairly large Troop with 55 members and this MB feature is a great benefit to MB Counselors who each are Counselors for multiple MBs and have multiple Scouts in-progress on multiple MBs without a need to pull a book!  The rank progress record is another excellent feature and helps our Troop Guides and adult Patrol Advisors to focus on the next requirement to be taught at a Troop/Patrol meeting or as a campout activity.  We are also very pleased that TWH adds or improves a function every month and communicates those improvements and “how to” to their subscribers.  We are very satisfied customers and recommend this system as a replacement for TroopMaster, Troopkit and MOST of your Troop’s PAPER records!
- Pam O’Donnell, Committee Chair, Troop 334, St Petersburg, Florida

TroopWebHost has made a tremendous impact on our day to day functions within the Troop for a variety of reasons:

Account management:  This tops the list as we now manage individual accounts for >80 boys and >140 adults and additional family members.  Now I don’t have to spend time mail merging, printing and distributing account balance notes, answering endless questions about balances and following up in great detail for overdue fees.  Some weeks I can be depositing close to 100 checks and posting to the various accounts.  It has definitely shortened the time I used to spend doing this in another troop account management system.

Support:  This has been one of the outstanding features of TroopWebHost.  Startup was quite daunting in getting everyone into the system.  I always received a response within 24 hours and quite often even the same day/night.  Even when the answers were in the HELP USER GUIDE, they were very patient with me.  They even helped me thru a couple real challenging situations that I faced.. (needless to say, one was a user-error situation that I created).

Updates:  Unlike some other software and web-based applications TroopWebHost seems dedicated to constantly improving the system.  I’ve even sent thru several of my own that were incorporated into the system.  Likewise, when some enhancements or changes were implemented that created a problem for me, they were quickly open to understanding the challenges and willing to make additional adjustments to accommodate.

Summary:  We’ve not even cracked into all the functionality of the TroopWebHost, but what we’ve used so far has definitely made our life easier and more efficient in management of records, accounts, activities, training and communication to about 225 Scouts and Adults on our Troop register.  My life as Treasurer would be short of pure misery without it.  I’m always on the lookout for more enhancements and will submit them knowing that they are open to hearing them.

If you haven’t used it, try it….. you’ll like it!

- Ray Claus, Treasurer & Charter Org Rep, Troop 307, Avon, Indiana

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