TroopWebHost  supports Family Scouting!

TroopWebHost supports family scouting

We offer two ways to add a girl troop to your organization:

#1:   Use one TroopWebHost site to manage both the girl troop and the boy troop.

#2:   Link two TroopWebHost sites, one for the girl troop and one for the boy troop.

Which approach will work best for you?

Option #1:  One Site Shared by Both Troops

Choose This Approach if the two units will be tightly integrated, with shared calendar and financials.

How It Will Work

The two troops will share one TroopWebHost subscription and have one shared Home page.  Each of the troops can add custom pages to the Home menu to direct visitors to information specific to their troop.

Scouts will be separated by patrol, with some patrols designated for girls and others for boys.

Each adult leadership position can be designated for girls, boys, or shared between the troops.

Events can be created for girls (or boys) only, by limiting the participation to a dynamic subgroup that only includes that group.  By default, most events will be open to everybody.

The two troops can maintain separate checking accounts or share a common account.

Fundraising campaigns will be shared between the two units, with orders merged for acquiring inventory and managing distribution.


Budgeting cannot be split out by individual troop.

Only one Square account and one PayPal account can be supported for on-line payments, shared between the two units.

Users who are authorized to sign off on advancement will be able to update records for both boys and girls.

Option #2:  Two Separate Linked Sites

Choose This Approach if the two units will operate independently, with some shared leadership and events.

How It Will Work

Each troop will purchase their own TroopWebHost subscription and have their own Home page to promote the identity of their troop.  At the time of purchase of the second subscription, let TroopWebHost Customer Support know immediately that you want the two sites linked.

We will synchronize the following information between the two sites:

  • Adult membership records can be selectively copied from one site to the other, and then linked so that updates on either site will be immediately passed to the other.  This includes training history and merit badge assignments.
  • The calendar will be synchronized between the two sites, giving each visibility to the other's schedule.  Either troop can choose events from the other's calendar that they plan to participate in jointly.

The accounting records will be kept completely separate for each unit, so each can manage its own bank accounts, have its own budget, and have its own Square account and its own PayPal account, if desired.

Each troop will manage its own fundraisers separately.

Journey To Excellence reporting will be specific to each unit.

For more details on linked site operation, please see our User Guide.


Most information will be maintained separately in the two sites, which could result in some duplication of effort.

Photos and documents cannot be shared between the two sites.

Adult leaders who work with both troops, and parents who have scouts in both troops, will need to log in to two different sites to manage their information.

Each troop will have its own sign-up list for events, even for those that are conducted jointly.

The email addresses of scouts in one troop will not be available to the email functions of the other troop.  When you send an email from one troop's site, you can only send it to the scouts in that troop.  This also affects automatically generated email, like event reminders, which can only go to the scouts in that troop.

Need Help Deciding?

Contact TroopWebHost Customer Support to schedule a telephone consultation.  We'll be glad to discuss your program's needs and provide our best recommendation for your particular situation.  Please provide a telephone number and suggest a time or two that would be convenient for you.

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