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This month we made significant improvements to our e-mail capabilities.

The system now lets you see e-mail addresses to which the system can no longer deliver messages, and helps you to resolve these issues.

Users who have these e-mail addresses are alerted to the problem and can resolve the issue themselves.

We no longer exclude scouts who do not have an e-mail address from the list of potential recipients, so you can send messages to their parents.

Click here for all the details!

More Good News for Cub Scouts!  We recently launched TroopWebHostCS, a service just for Cub Scout packs.  Learn more at


Troop 681 of San Diego, CA
Troop 548 of Longmont, CO
Troop 104 of Fremont, NE
Troop 12 of Lincoln, NE
Troop 401 of Spring, TX
Troop 224 of Hartland, WI

We Appreciate Referrals!

Our sincere thanks go to:

Troop 878 of Spring, TX,
for referring Troop 401 of Spring, TX

Troop 331 of Omaha, NE,
for referring Troop 104 of Fremont, NE


Troop 186 of Lebanon, OH
This troop's homepage is a lesson in graphic impact, starting with a custom banner that makes us want to stand up and salute.

Their Adult Leaders page helps sets the stage for Troop 186's many scouting adventures, documented in more than 6,600 photos!

Troop 186 of Lebanon, Ohio, we salute you!
Your award ribbon is on its way to you!


It's summer camping time again. Check out my corner for some handy tips and tricks to impress your friends!

Also take a look at a photo I found online of something truly amazing!

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