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Process Fundraiser Sales on your Smartphone or Tablet

This month we added a new Booth Sales page, specially designed for touch screen mobile devices.

This will work great for Christmas tree sales and other fundraisers where you are selling directly to the public from a fixed location.

All you need is an Internet-connected smartphone or tablet to be able to record sales and process credit and debit cards.

Click here for more information!

Announcing The Latest Addition To The TroopWebHost Family:

We are excited to announce a special TroopWebHost service just for Girl Scouts!

Please visit www.TroopWebHostGS.com to learn all about it!


Troop 111 of Prattville, AL
Troop 777 of San Tan Valley, AZ
Troop 649 of Scottsdale, AZ
Troop 538 of Anaheim Hills, CA
Troop 36 of Danville, CA
Troop 755 of Rowland Heights, CA
Pack 13 of Punta Gorda, FL
Troop 125 of Canton, GA
Troop 268 of Aviston, IL
Troop 140 of Buffalo Grove, IL
Troop 9 of Champaign, IL
Troop 7 of Salina, KS
Troop 422 of Huntingtown, MD
Troop 424 of Savage, MD
Pack 45 of Freeport/Pownal, ME
Troop 200 of Huntersville, NC
Troop 9115 of Canfield, OH
Troop 560 of Westerville, OH
Troop 18 of New London, PA
Troop 265 of Bartlett, TN
Troop 17 of Nashville, TN
Troop 1260 of Frisco, TX
Troop 827 of Houston, TX
Troop 311 of Lake Jackson, TX
Troop 1333 of Spring, TX
Troop 531 of Mechanicsville, VA

We Appreciate Referrals!

Our sincere thanks go to:

Troop 121 of Champaign, IL,
for referring Troop 9 of Champaign, IL


Troop 811 of Chews Landing, New Jersey
We really liked the composite graphics in this troop's banner image, and the clever references to their charter organization, the Chews Landing Fire Company, elsewhere on the home page.  Excellent use of images on all of the public pages, including photos of most of the adult leaders.  The photo gallery shows a pictorial history of the troop's adventures since 2011.

Troop 811 of Chews Landing, New Jersey, we salute you!
Your award ribbon is on its way to you!


The 23rd Annual World Scout Jamboree is happening right now in Japan.

See a video of scouts having a good time while delivering an important message for scouts everywhere!

Click here to check it out!

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