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Required Training

This month we made it possible to make a training course required for some or all of your members.

A training course can be designated as being required for all members of a dynamic subgroup (see our last newsletter to learn about dynamic subgroups).  Two new reports show the status of these required courses for all of the members who are in the subgroup.

Two other reports were created to help you manage all expired courses, regardless of whether they are required.

TroopWebHostCS and TroopWebHostGS

Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts (and their parents) can now view their scouting achievements from the My Stuff menu.

We added five new badges that were recently introduced for Girl Scouts.


Boy Scouts can now create dynamic subgroups based on age.

Click here for more information!


Troop 95 of Orcutt, CA
Troop 210 of Moreno Valley, CA
Troop 816 of Chula Vista, CA
Troop 66 of Longmont, CO
Troop 9 of Tampa, FL
Troop 304 of Atlanta, GA
Pack 15 of Council Bluffs, IA
Troop 214 of Cedar Rapids, IA
Troop 315 of Slidell, LA
Troop 110 of Eldersburg, MD
Troop 143 of Reisterstown, MD
Troop 793 of Lexington Park, MD
Troop 235 of Springfield, MO
Pack 22 of Lincoln, NE
Troop 96 of Hampton, NJ
Troop 51 of Springfield, OR
Troop 4755 of Carrollton, TX
Troop 73 of Katy, TX
Troop 243 of Sachse, TX
Troop 441 of Austin, TX
Troop 289 of Morgan, UT
Pack 533 of Medford, WI

We Appreciate Referrals!

Our sincere thanks go to:

Troop 1103 of Katy, TX,
for referring Troop 73 of Katy, TX


Pack 151 and Troop 151 of Warroad, Minnesota

Pack 151 with TroopWebHostCS and Troop 151 with TroopWebHost have both created memorable sites in their very first year!

We love the creative banner images on both sites, as well as the use of scrolling headlines.

The troop site has extensive information on camping gear in their custom pages.

Pack 151 and Troop 151 of Warroad, Minnesota,
we salute you!

Your award ribbons are on their way to you!


Itís punkiní time again, and thereís so much more to our favorite fall fruit then jack oílanterns!

Check out Katieís Corner here for more on Cucurbita maxima, plus a video thatíll make your mouth water!

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