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Happy Holidays!

TroopWebHost would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016.

Thank you for inspiring us with new ideas to make your scouting experience better and better.

2016 Rank Requirements

This month we added the new Boy Scout rank requirements that take effect January 1, 2016.

A number of our advancement reports were modified to handle scouts who are working on different versions of the same rank.

Venturing Support

The Individual Advancement pages now include a section for tracking the primary Venturing awards.

New reports help you track each scout's progress toward their next Venturing achievement.

New Advancement Reports

New reports let you see what your scouts need to complete their Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks, for the troop as a whole and for each patrol.

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Troop 450 of Covina, CA

Crew 514 of Discovery Bay, CA

Troop 453 of South Bend, IN

Pack 3394 of Shawnee, KS

Pack 3000 of Dawson Springs, KY

Troop 10 of Townsend, MA

Troop 665 of Manchester, MD

Minnetonka Beijing International Exchange, MN

Pack 20 of Jefferson City, MO

Pack 726 of Saint Louis, MO

Crew 2163 of Saint Louis, MO

Pack 68 of Kearney, NE

Troop 492 of Omaha, NE

Troop 65 of Alexandria Bay, NY

Troop 107 of West Alexandria, OH

Troop 817 of Loveland, OH

Troop 896 of Hunter, OH

Crew 361 of Sioux Falls, SD

We Appreciate Referrals!

Our sincere thanks go to:

Crew 93 of Brentwood, CA
for referring Crew 514 of Discovery Bay, CA

Troop 824 of St. Louis, MO
for referring Crew 2163 of St. Louis, MO

Troop 361 of Sioux Falls, SD
for referring Crew 361 of Sioux Falls, SD


Crew 497 of Coral Springs, Florida!

We love what Crew 497 has done with their home page, starting with the classy banner image at the top of the page.

Scroll down...and down...and down some more, to see memorable photos going back to 2012.

And the fun doesn't stop with the home page.  About Our Crew has several cool videos promoting Venturing, and several custom pages honoring their leaders and individual achievements.

Crew 497 of Coral Springs, Florida,
we salute you!

Your award ribbon is on its way to you!


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