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September 2018 Newsletter

This Month's Enhancements

Leadership positions can now be configured to automatically assign access rights to the users who currently hold that position.

You can now control who receives TroopWebHost communications based on their current leadership position or by selecting them individually.

Individual members can sign up for the TroopWebHost newsletter and to be notified when their subscription is up for renewal.

A new Recharter process allows you to track which members were included in each year's recharter.

The Photo Gallery now allows higher resolutions up to 1200 pixels per side.

After completing a Booth Sales event you can now produce a summary of the products sold at that booth.

Click here for details!

Website of the Month!

Pack 2001 of Aledo, Texas!

This pack shows how to use Custom CSS to create a distinctive look for their TroopWebHost site.

They also showcase a recent BSA video that highlights the exciting changes happening to the scouting program.

Add in an extensive photo gallery illustrating their last four year's of fun, and you have this month's Website of the Month!

Pack 2001 of Aledo, Texas,
we salute you!

Your award certificate is on its way to you!

We Welcome Our Latest Subscribers

Armed Forces Europe

  • Troop 323 of Aviano, Italy


  • Troop 214 of Russellville


  • Troop 1648 of San Diego


  • Troop 77891 of Ft. Collins


  • Pack 179 of Coral Springs
  • Pack 701 of Merritt Island


  • Troop 2019 of Marietta


  • Pack 216 of LaGrange Highlands


  • Troop 3017 of Frederick


  • Troop 47 of Tewksbury


  • Pack 31 of Traverse City


  • Pack 55 of Lincoln


  • Troop 26 of Reno
  • Troop 182 of Las Vegas

New Jersey

  • Troop 112 of Mt. Pleasant

North Carolina

  • Troop 50 of Montreat
  • Troop 820 of Chapel Hill


  • Pack 34 of Springboro
  • Troop 34293 of Miamisburg


  • Pack 260 of Hillsboro


  • Troop 1305 of Canonsburg

South Carolina

  • Troop 9518 of Lexington


  • Pack 261 of Bartlett


  • Troop 11955 of The Woodlands


  • Troop 1104 of Clifton

Fantastic Fives!

High fives to these troops who have joined the 500+ subscribers who have been with TroopWebHost  for 5 years or longer:

  • Pack 203 of Dillsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Pack 303 of Webster Groves, Missouri
  • Troop 7 of Foxboro, Massachusetts
  • Troop 17 of Bryant, Arkansas
  • Troop 68 of Linglestown, Pennsylvania
  • Troop 95 of Benbrook, Texas
  • Troop 149 of Falcon, Colorado
  • Troop 181 of Lumberton, Texas
  • Troop 193 of Kettering, Ohio
  • Troop 197 of Houston, Texas
  • Troop 214 of Helena, Montana
  • Troop 281 of Dallas, Pennsylvania
  • Troop 300 of Webster Groves, Missouri
  • Troop 316 of Urbandale, Iowa
  • Troop 334 of Montvale, New Jersey
  • Troop 387 of Hickory, North Carolina
  • Troop 393 of Westminster, Maryland
  • Troop 403 of Claremont, California
  • Troop 437 of Lewisville, Texas
  • Troop 456 of Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Troop 457 of Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Troop 487 of Olathe, Kansas
  • Troop 555 of Houston, Texas
  • Troop 563 of Hanover, Minnesota
  • Troop 621 of Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Troop 642 of Simi Valley, California
  • Troop 777 of Cottage Grove, Minnesota
  • Troop 792 of Ballwin, Missouri
  • Troop 799 of Morgan Hill, California
  • Troop 1829 of Midlothian, Virginia
  • Troop 1882 of Haymarket, Virginia

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Or simply contact us at
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