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November 2018 Newsletter

This Month's Enhancements

Events may now be designated as All Day Events by clicking a new checkbox on the Scheduled Start field.

All day events are displayed appropriately in the automated newsletter, event reminders, invitations, and iCalendar subscriptions.

The Scheduled End  date now defaults to the Scheduled Start  date when entering a new event.

Email recipients with blocked e-mail addresses are now highlighted on the e-mail confirmation page.

View the most recent TroopWebHost Enhancement requests from a new tab, and see how your unit voted on each request.

Click here for details!

Website of the Month!

Troop 336 of Keller, Texas!

Their striking banner image is sized wide enough to fill the width of a 1080p monitor and works well with the grey color scheme they selected.

There's a lot going on on their home page, with an 8-day weather forecast and the weekend camping colors.

The Visitors page has a map of their meeting location and an informative article on how Webelos should choose their troop.

The About Our Troop uses widgets to display current information about the troop and the Training page shows this year's training opportunities.

The Video Gallery has a good BSA video on orienteering, plus a couple of interesting time-lapse photography videos of troop events.

Troop 336 of Keller, Texas,
we salute you!

Your award certificate is on its way to you!

We Welcome Our Latest Subscribers


  • Troop 109 of Bonita Springs


  • Troop 523 of Jonesboro


  • Troop 589 of Victoria


  • Pack 4444 of Kansas City

New York

  • Pack 2049 of West Nyack


  • Troop 701 of Sunbury


  • Pack 1305 of Canonsburg


  • Troop 4138 of GSGST


  • Troop 312 of Edmonds


  • Troop 168 of Onalaska

Fantastic Fives!

High fives to these troops who have joined the 500+ subscribers who have been with TroopWebHost  for 5 years or longer:

  • Troop 18 of North Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Troop 63 of South Pittsburg, Tennessee
  • Troop 88 of Eagle Point, Oregon
  • Troop 91 of Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Troop 113 of Mansfield, Ohio
  • Crew 125 of Celebration, Florida
  • Troop 166 of Hixson, Tennessee
  • Troop 170 of Commerce, Michigan
  • Troop 194 of Brown Deer, Wisconsin
  • Troop 226 of Naples, Florida
  • Troop 273 of Union City, California
  • Troop 275 of Prunedale, California
  • Troop 540 of Marietta, Georgia
  • Troop 631 of Houston, Texas
  • Troop 731 of Crofton, Maryland
  • Troop 1519 of Sunnyslope, Washington
  • Troop 1776 of San Ramon, California
  • Troop 2830 of East Meadow, New York

Questions or Suggestions?

Send us a ticket from the My Support Tickets page on your site's Help menu.   This is absolutely the best way to communicate with us!   Please see our User Guide for details.

Or simply contact us at
If you do, please include your unit number and city in your message so we can identify your site.

Thank You For Your Support!