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  • The new Sign Up Members page lets you sign up members for upcoming events.
  • Configure Event Types to track which scouts have submitted their permission slip for an event.
  • You can also configure Event Types to limit the number of scouts and adults who can sign up for an event.
  • The Progress To Next Rank report shows the completed and uncompleted requirements for a scout's next rank advancement.
  • Another new report shows the scouts and adults who have indicated they do not plan to attend an event.
  • The Merit Badge History By Scout report shows the merit badges earned by each scout.
  • Estimated Cost Per Person is now a text field, providing more flexibility.

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Troop 2 of Portland, CT
Troop 5 of Wake Forest, NC
Troop 6 of Westmont, IL
Troop 7 of Naples, Italy
Troop 30 of Daleville, AL
Troop 36 of Bentonville, AR
Troop 46 of O'Fallon, IL
Troop 63 of Monroe, CT
Troop 91 of Zimmerman, MN
Troop 92 of Toms River, NJ
Troop 123 of Galveston, TX
Troop 151 of Salisbury, MD
Troop 170 of Keller, TX
Troop 212 of Maine, NY
Troop 256 of Pacifica, CA
Troop 279 of Peachtree City, GA
Troop 336 of Pittsford, NY
Troop 340 of Las Vegas, NV
Troop 347 of Galena, OH
Troop 440 of Houston, TX
Troop 448 of Salisbury, NC
Troop 457 of Pflugerville, TX
Troop 460 of Fort Wayne, IN
Troop 500 of Sebastian, FL
Troop 501 of San Antonio, TX
Crew 514 of LaBelle, FL
Troop 574 of Greenfield, WI
Troop 617 of Poway, CA
Troop 646 of Rowlett, TX
Troop 703 of Kennesaw, GA
Troop 787 of Carrollton, TX
Troop 805 of Camarillo, CA
Troop 828 of Sugar Land, TX
Troop 847 of Dayton, NV
Troop 2014 of Mansfield, TX
Troop 4016 of Bellingham, WA

We Appreciate Referrals!

This month our sincere thanks go to:

Troop 100 of Hoquiam, WA, for referring Troop 208 of Olympia, WA

Greg Rabey for referring Troop 565 of Round Rock, TX

Troop 119 of Fort Myers, FL, for referring Troop 18 of Fort Myers, FL


Troop 13 of Chippewa Falls, WI
Check out their custom banner, embedded videos and super clean layout. Great idea to include the current weather conditions and forecast!

Troop 13 of Chippewa Falls, we salute you!
Your award ribbon is on its way to you!


The most common troop numbers among TroopWebHost subscribers are
Troop 2 and Troop 5 - we have 8 of each - followed by Troop 149 and 303 - 7 of each!

Click here to see where these troops are located, and also for a nifty trick for getting sandspurs out of your skin - ouch!

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Troop 119, Fort Myers, FL

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