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  • Rotate buttons added to the Upload Photos page.
  • Delete Photos page allows you to delete a number of photos in one easy operation.
  • Eagle Roll Call report shows all past Eagles from your troop.
  • Event Reports submenu added to Activities menu.
  • Upcoming Events report summarizes your future schedule by month.
  • Event Participation Percentage By Event Type report summarizes each scout's participation in troop activities, broken down by type of event.
  • BSA ID added to Tour Permit Worksheet.
  • View Merit Badge Counselors task now controls access to merit badge counselor contact information.

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Troop 70 of Elberta, AL
Troop 103 of Fremont, CA
Troop 711 of Gilroy, CA
Troop 1 of Lewes, DE
Troop 4 of Tampa, FL
Troop 68 of Odessa, FL
Troop 544 of Fort Walton Beach, FL
Troop 51 of Benld - Gillespie, IL
Troop 572 of Granger, IN
Troop 1812 of Frederick, MD
Troop 268 of Golden Valley, MN
Troop 193 of Springfield, MO
Troop 940 of Kernersville, NC
Troop 5 of Bedford, NH
Troop 477 of McLoud, OK
Troop 76 of Weatherford, TX
Troop 215 of Lockhart, TX
Troop 226 of The Colony, TX
Troop 271 of Cedar Park, TX
Troop 351 of Montgomery, TX
Troop 320 of Vancouver, WA

We Appreciate Referrals!

This month our sincere thanks go to:

Troop 850 of Spring Creek, NV,,
for referring Troop 847 of Dayton, NV

Troop 21 of Lincoln, NE,
for referring Troop 25 and Troop 36 of Lincoln, NE

Troop 225 of Camarillo, CA,
for referring Troop 805 of Camarillo, CA

Troop 97 of Magnolia Springs, AL,
for referring Troop 70 of Elberta, AL


Troop 509 of Hurst, TX
"Adventure Begins Here!"
An awesome video introduces you to the troop. User tips on the home page help scouts fully utilize the features of the site.
Posting of those who have most recently had a rank advancement, including Eagles, is inspiring to troop members and potential new scouts!

Troop 509 of Hurst, TX, we salute you!
Your award ribbon is on its way to you!


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Shukran Jazilan,
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