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  • Upload Individual Participation History function will upload credit for other activity from the TroopMaster™ Individual Participation History Report.
  • Add Scout Photo to scout membership record.
  • Add Equipment Photo and Condition to troop equipment.
  • Leadership Rank Requirement Status report shows the number of days in leadership positions still needed for the scouts trying to earn the leadership requirement for Star, Life and Eagle.
  • Board of Review report now shows leadership history for scouts working toward Star, Life and Eagle.

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Troop 2 of Helena, AL
Troop 426 of Phoenix, AZ
Troop 247 of Antioch, CA
Troop 484 of Clayton, CA
Troop 368 of Indio, CA
Troop 31 of Los Altos, CA
Troop 92 of Milpitas, CA
Troop 260 of San Diego, CA
Troop 20 of Bristol, CT
Troop 14 of Norwalk, CT
Troop 1 of Oxford, CT
Troop 89 of Bradenton, FL
Troop 208 of Ft Lauderdale, FL
Troop 323 of Melbourne, FL
Troop 165 of Spangdahlem Air Base,
Troop 202 of West Des Moines, IA
Pack 121 of Belvidere, IL
Troop 7 of Natick, MA
Troop 91 of Annapolis, MD
Troop 903 of Northville, MI
Troop 787 of Manchester, MO
Troop 1031 of Beaver Creek, NC
Troop 25 of Farmville, NC
Troop 409 of King, NC
Troop 408 of Walnut Cove, NC
Troop 279 of West Fargo, ND
Troop 158 of Kearney, NE
Crew 21 of Lincoln, NE
Troop 7 of Madison, NJ
Troop 142 of Oradell, NJ
Troop 714 of Rio Rancho, NM
Troop 338 of Avon Lake, OH
Troop 191 of Kettering, OH
Troop 501 of Medina, OH
Troop 4002 of Newark, OH
Troop 20 of Tulsa, OK
Crew 419 of Beaverton, OR
Troop 242 of Cherryville, PA
Troop 268 of Millersville, PA
Troop 57 of Neffs, PA
Troop 121 of Shippensburg, PA
Troop 60 of Signal Mountain, TN
Troop 1033 of Garland, TX
Troop 405 of Georgetown, TX
Troop 10 of Houston, TX
Troop 1190 of Houston, TX
Troop 259 of Plano, TX
Troop 41 of Tomball, TX
Troop 7227 of St. Croix, VI
Troop 1529 of Port Orchard, WA
Troop 503 of Merrill, WI
Troop 445 of Wittenberg-Birnamwood, WI

We Appreciate Referrals!

This month our sincere thanks go to:

Troop 273 of Westfield, NJ,
for referring Troop 7 of Madison, NJ

Pack 503 of Merrill, WI,
for referring Troop 503 of Merrill, WI

Troop 114 of Grand Island, NE,
for referring Troop 158 of Kearney, NE

Troop 1493 of Tomball, TX,
for referring Troop 41 of Tomball, TX

Troop 87 of Verdigris, OK,
for referring Troop 20 of Tulsa, OK

Troop 155 of Georgetown, TX,
for referring Troop 405 of Georgetown, TX


Troop 2 of Summerville, SC
"The Deuce!"

This website's graphic impact rocks!

Custom pages, a custom banner, bold & bright photos and videos.

Extra points for humor.

Extra extra points for attitude!

Troop 2 of Summerville, SC, we salute you!
Your award ribbon is on its way to you!


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Troop 165 of Germany!

A special welcome to Troop 165 of Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, joining the ranks of TWH troops based internationally.

Thank you!

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