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The entire TroopWebHost application is now available in a format suitable for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Links at the top of the screen allow you to log on, log off, change the page format, or switch languages.

A new menu designed for smartphones displays vertically, with submenus opening and closing as you tap the heading.

E-mails can be composed on a mobile device using an editor that retains formatting and new lines.

The photo gallery responds to "swipe" gestures to move to the next image.

All of the pages have been reformatted to fit a narrower screen.

But wait, there's more!

The multiple photo upload page now supports drag and drop operations and displays thumbnails of the images that are in the queue.

A new function allows patrol leaders to take attendance at events for the members of their patrol.

Click here for all the details!


Troop 565 of Mesa, AZ
Crew 90 of Brentwood, CA
Troop 317 of Concord, CA
Troop 968 of Dublin, CA
Troop 121 of Granite Bay, CA
Troop 783 of Grass Valley, CA
Troop 6 of Meadow Vista, CA
Troop 8 of Petaluma, CA
Troop 586 of Redondo Beach, CA
Troop 985 of San Diego, CA
Troop 621 of San Ramon, CA
Troop 316 of Saugus, CA
Crew 212 of Northglenn, CO
Troop 116 of Ridgefield, CT
Troop 11 of Brandon, FL
Troop 268 of Clermont, FL
Troop 229 of Coconut Creek, FL
Troop 451 of Pace, FL
Troop 23 of Sarasota, FL
Troop 720 of Viera, FL
Troop 1109 of Cumming, GA
Troop 77 of Decatur, GA
Troop 1220 of Macon, GA
Troop 37 of Shueyville, IA
Troop 26 of Bartlett, IL
Troop 52 of Deerfield, IL
Troop 198 of Hoffman Estates, IL
Troop 24 of Park Ridge, IL
Troop 19 of Plainfield, IL
Troop 330 of Sherman, IL
Troop 315 of Olathe, KS
Troop 412 of Olathe, KS
Troop 314 of Milford, MA
Troop 21 of Millville, MA
Troop 1061 of allen park, MI
Troop 779 of Leslie, MI
Troop 35 of Plainwell, MI
Troop 31 of Traverse City, MI
Troop 268 of Lakeville, MN
Troop 226 of Savage, MN
Troop 884 of Florissant, MO
Troop 529 of St. Louis, MO
Troop 780 of St. Louis, MO
Troop 92 of Corvallis, MT
Crew 148 of Charlotte, NC
Troop 33 of Delhi, NY
OA Wulihan of Chapter, NY
Troop 420 of Cincinnati, OH
Troop 452 of Cincinnati, OH
Troop 826 of Reynoldsburg, OH
Troop 452 of Arlington, TN
Troop 50 of Knoxville, TN
Troop 92 of Nashville, TN
Troop 95 of Somerville, TN
Troop 232 of Abilene, TX
Troop 358 of Allen, TX
Troop 505 of Austin, TX
Ship 93 of Baytown, TX
Crew 187 of El Paso, TX
Troop 204 of Houston, TX
Troop 2150 of Melissa, TX
Troop 413 of New Braunfels, TX
Pack 1550 of Spring, TX
Troop 136 of Roanoke, VA
Troop 773 of Roanoke, VA
Troop 2020 of Warrenton, VA
Troop 1498 of Sequim, WA
Troop 370 of Vancouver, WA
Troop 1039 of De Pere, WI
Troop 81 of Neenah, WI
Troop 122 of Waukesha, WI

We Appreciate Referrals!

Our sincere thanks go to:

Bob Bassett from Troop 346 of Minnetonka, MN,
for referring Troop 268 of Lakeville, MN

Cammie Edgar from Troop 1115 of Florence, MT,
for referring Troop 92 of Corvallis, MT

Troop 44 of Cincinnati, OH,
for referring Troop 420 of Cincinnati, OH

Troop 77 of Venice, FL,
for referring Troop 23 of Sarasota, FL

Troop 90 of Brentwood, CA,
for referring Crew 90 of Brentwood, CA

Troop 187 of El Paso, TX,
for referring Crew 187 El Paso, TX

Troop 249 of Coral Springs, FL,
for referring Troop 229 of Coconut Creek, FL

Troop 321 of Rockledge, FL,
for referring Troop 720 of Viera, FL

Troop 1323 of Klein, TX,
for referring Pack 1550 of Spring, TX


Troop 457 of Alpharetta, Georgia
Troop 457 used custom CSS to create a soft, subtle color scheme that we found quite attractive.

They've updated their CSS for the mobile format and the site displays nicely on a smartphone, as you can see here.

Their home page includes a Google calendar that is synched to their troop calendar, weather links, and other sections that highlight upcoming events

Custom pages provide useful information about service opportunities, rank advancement, and preparation for outings.

Troop 457 of Alpharetta, GA, we salute you!
Your award ribbon is on its way to you!


Katie discovered a troop
that figured out an awesome way
to promote their fundraiser.

We couldn't decide
whether to dance or drool!

Click here to see the video!

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High fives to:

Troop 4 of Cotati, CA
Troop 309 of Wyckoff, NJ
Troop 444 of China Spring, TX
Troop 596 of Columbine, CO
Troop 660 of Virginia Beach, VA
Troop 951 of Naples, FL

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