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Our History

John Corning
John Corning

In 2007, as Treasurer of Troop 119 of Fort Myers, Florida, John Corning recognized the need for a better way to keep track of scout accounts and the troop checking account.  It soon became clear that the accounting information was dependent not only on an up-to-date membership list, but also on the schedule of campouts and other events.  That information was in turn linked to rank advancement information that is the core of the troop's activities.

What was needed was a comprehensive solution that linked all of this interconnected information, and allowed all members of Troop 119 to easily access and share information using multiple communication tools and current technology.

That comprehensive solution soon became TroopWebHost.  Not too many roundtables later, other leaders began to see the value of this approach, and in 2008, a second troop came online.  We began marketing the service in earnest in September of 2009.  We are pleased to report that over 1,800 scouting units now use our software throughout the nation and the world.  More than 900 of them have been TroopWebHost subscribers for 5 years or longer.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

Our staff comes from scouting families who are, or have been, active scouters themselves.  We have first-hand experience with the dedication and time commitment it takes to provide a great scouting experience for scouts, leaders and scouting families.  So we do our best to keep TroopWebHost updated with the latest information, like rank and badge requirements and official fundraising products, so you donít have to.

The TroopWebHost User Forum lets you share your thoughts with Scouters around the world who also use TroopWebHost.

Every month we release improvements to our software which we document in our monthly newsletter.

Our extensive User Guide is a great resource for learning how to use TroopWebHost, but we are happy to respond to your questions if you get stuck.  Just submit a support ticket from your site and we will respond within 24 hours (and usually much faster than that!).

Support tickets may also be used to report problems and request new features. 

You can view enhancements requested by other TroopWebHost subscribers and vote for your favorites!

If you are not currently a TroopWebHost subscriber, please send your questions, suggestions, and concerns to us at

If you think a phone call would be helpful, please indicate a time (including time zone) and a phone number at which you may be reached.

You'll find our privacy statement here.

We live and work in the Eastern time zone.  Here's our mailing address:

Web Host Services LLC
P.O. Box 882
Sarasota, FL   34230-0882

I have read through the whole user manual and am very impressed with how informative it is!  I'm also very impressed with the features and tools available on the site.  You have a great product here.
- Naomi Davidson, Webmaster, Troop 1498, Sequim, Washington
Thank you for always being so responsive!  I'm really impressed with your organization.
- Caroline Nelson, Treasurer, Troop 157, Tucson, Arizona
TWH is a pleasure to work with.  Always polite, knowledgeable and thorough.
- Kathryn Gibson, Advancement Chair, Troop 358, Zionsville, Indiana
Your customer service is AMAZING!
- Lisa Nelson, Troop 475 Brush Prairie, Washington
You impress me every time I have a question, if it's not already available (like it usually is, i just dont know what I'm searching for) then you are already working on it!
- Jack Scogin, Jr, Scoutmaster, Troop 1865, Independence, Missouri
TWH is awesome. The more features we use, the more we enjoy it. Thanks for all the time, effort, and thought you put into helping these scout units.
- Larry Stark, Scoutmaster, Troop 730, Newbury Park, California
John Corning is so responsive!  And I'm always pushing the envelope and he's frequently made some custom changes to TWH to accommodate what i was hoping to do.  Also like their feature-request community where you can vote on features you'd most like to see him work on.  New features come out every month it seems, and that's great to see.
- John Kluchka, Advancement Coordinator, Troop 342, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
I really appreciate all of the timely support that I have received since moving over to TWH earlier this year.  I wish all my software vendors could give such fantastic tech support and fast turnaround times.
- Scott Vogel, Committee Chairman, Troop 405, Bentonville, Arkansas
John is always quick to respond to questions and has addressed issues in a timely manner.  Thank you for providing this service.
- P. Shawn Faherty, Webmaster, Troop 26, Stafford, Virginia
I wanted to THANK YOU for the prompt and sincere response to my questions.  Itís refreshing to get that type of response from a service provider.  Your answer was prompt, honest, and just what I needed to feel more comfortable with our decision to select Troop Web Host as our provider.
- Jeff Tate, Treasurer, Troop 121, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
I've never tried to do anything like putting together a website, but TroopWebHost made it easy, and the staff were always available with a quick email when I ran into problems.  The organization features are terrific, from the emails to the advancement tracking.  I highly recommend TroopWebHost!
- Vivian Haussermann, Committee, Crew 333, Marin County, California
From the first day we signed up with TWH, we knew we made the right decision.  We still aren't using the site to its fullest potential, but we are getting there slowly but surely.  What we are using: demographics, advancement, communication, calendar (we loooove the calendar!!), attendance - has been really great for us.  We are very happy so far, thank you.
- Adam Fumia, Treasurer, Troop 1, Hopedale, Massachusetts
If you are considering troop management options look no further than TWH. You will quickly discover this system was designed from the ground up by a team of seasoned scouters with decades of scouting experience.

Their user guide is one of the most intuitive guides Iíve ever used. Parents and scouts can easily find and execute what they need. The user guide provides another major advantage - trouble-free transition from outgoing volunteers to new ones. This makes recruiting and training adult volunteers so much easier. Parents, leaders and scouts really appreciate that they spend more time scouting and less time tracking down details and sending emails.

Even though TWH supports well over a thousand scouting groups they are quick to respond to questions and always take our inputs seriously. Continuous improvement is central to TWH as they release and communicate enhancements every month. Recently they introduced a feature that allows electronic permission waivers without any extra effort from our troop. This free enhancement saved us $150 we were paying to outsource the same kind of electronic waivers.

TWH is a top-notch system that provides excellent value for our troop. We are confident our system will deliver a consistent solution for all our troop members that follow.

- Greg Mills, Committee Vice Chairman, Troop 325, Raleigh, North Carolina

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