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Event Reminders.  Your site can now send your troop reminders about upcoming events via e-mail or SMS text messages.

You can enable reminders by updating your event types.  Once an event type has been configured to send reminders, the system will automatically generate reminders for each event of that type.

The reminder is personalized to each recipient, showing the sign-up status of each member of his or her family.

It includes a link that will take you to the calendar detail page for this event.

Other enhancements this month include:

  • Eagle Outdoor Merit Badge Status By Scout. A new report to help you plan for summer camp.
  • Uncompleted Rank Requirements report now shows requirements for all lower ranks for younger scouts.
  • Send User IDs & Passwords message format improvements.
  • Shift Participants List now includes shift comments.
  • Delete events directly from the calendar.

Click here for all the details!


Troop 50 of Carpinteria, CA
Troop 479 of Cupertino, CA
Troop 650 of Escondido, CA
Troop 43 of Monterey, CA
Troop 444 of Palmdale, CA
Troop 601 of Rancho Cordova, CA
Troop 484 of Vacaville, CA
Troop 287 of Saint Johns, FL
Troop 46 of Tampa, FL
Troop 104 of Decatur, IL
Troop 51 of Lombard, IL
Troop 675 of Oswego, IL
Troop 85 of Olathe, KS
Troop 251 of Newburyport, MA
Troop 81 of Topsfield, MA
Troop 22 of Elkton, MD
Troop 908 of Hughesville, MD
Troop 1094 of Darnestown, MI
Troop 1699 of Franklin, MI
Troop 205 of Laingsburg, MI
Troop 109 of Okemos, MI
Troop 31 of Avon, MN
Troop 4025 of Bemidji, MN
Troop 439 of Bloomington, MN
Troop 185 of Cassville, MO
Troop 320 of Liberty, MO
Troop 327 of Sherrills Ford, NC
Troop 430 of Omaha, NE
Troop 6 of Glens Falls, NY
Troop 90 of Hartford, OH
Troop 54 of Monroe, OH
Troop 11 of Urbana, OH
Troop 389 of Yukon, OK
Troop 1139 of Slatersville, RI
Troop 38 of Clover, SC
Crew 2001 of Aledo, TX
Troop 861 of Dallas, TX
Troop 326 of Fort Worth, TX
Troop 1908 of Odessa, TX
Troop 1191 of Richardson, TX
Troop 641 of Arlington, VA
Troop 179 of Fredericksburg, VA

We Appreciate Referrals!

Our sincere thanks go to:

Kim Rothgeb, Troop 331 of Omaha, NE,
for referring Troop 430 of Omaha, NE

Abe Shalley, Troop 225 of Fruit Cove, FL,
for referring Troop 287 of Saint Johns, FL

Troop 275 of Prunedale, CA,
for referring Troop 43 of Monterey, CA

Troop 1 of Roseville, CA,
for referring Troop 601 of Rancho Cordova, CA

Troop 826 of Lithia, FL
for referring Troop 46 of Tampa, FL

Troop 24 of Kennett Square, PA,
for referring Troop 22 of Elkton, MD


Troop 325 of Queen Creek, Arizona
Bold colors and large graphics make for a dramatic impact on computer screens or mobile devices.

The home page is a one-stop shop for finding out about Troop 325 - who they are, what they're up to, and who to talk to about it.

And you can see what an active and successful troop this in 32 collections of event photos.

Troop 325 of Queen Creek, Arizona, we salute you!
Your award ribbon is on its way to you!


Eagles figure heavily into our Scouting programs. This month, Katie's Corner takes a look at
- and a ride with -
an Eagle of the feathered kind.

Click here to learn a thing or two, and to ride along!

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Troop 226 of Highland, CA
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Troop 87 of Nashville, TN

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